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Nyané Lebajoa

international influencer, model, ENTREPRENEUR

  • Founder and Manager of multiple social media accounts with a combined following of 1.5M+

    • The biggest and most prolific of which is her personal Instagram account @nyane. With brand collaborations reaching from beauty brands like NYX Cosmetics, TooFaced and Tarte Cosmetics to fashion brands like Revolve, Nike and PLT.

  • Founder and creative director of Nyané ®

    • Nyané's self titled fashion venture. After a successful launch with a debut collection in 2017 the aspiring designer has announced a collaboration with renowned, award-winning lingerie brand Bluebella. The Collab has launched with a small

  • Founder and creative director of Temper by Nyané ®

    • After getting first involved in a wig and hair company in 2017, Nyané has soon discovered her potential and interest for this niche business. She decided to leave the company and start her own. In March 2019 she has launched her own hair and wig brand Temper by Nyané ®.

  • Co-founder and creative director of Nyphi

    • A creative production company in collaboration with Nyané’s long time partner in crime (personal life & business) Philipp Hill (fhillm). Starting with Nyané’s influencer and modeling work, Nyphi acts as an umbrella for all of the pairs creative output including Temper by Nyané®, Nyané®, Nyané’s Thrift Shop.


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